Ian Molloy

The Affirmative Therapy & Coaching Service

Based in Lucan, County Dublin, ATCS offers clients a range of Tools, Psychological Interventions, Techniques and Support that can help them deal with a wide range of life issues.

Clients use custom manufactured headphone and microphone sets to allow the maximum impact, solitude and comfort. In addition, biofeedback-monitoring equipment is used to keep track of the client’s internal reactions where appropriate.

Central to the success of ATCS are the following beliefs:

  1. That each of us already possess all of the resources that are  required to achieve the results or changes sought.
  2. That these resources are stored within the subconscious part of the mind or brain.
  3. That the ethical and professional use of Relaxation and / or Hypnosis is the best method available to access these resources

Affirmative Therapy and Coaching Service is owned and managed by Ian Molloy. Ian has completed a Masters Degree in Counseling & Psychotherapy earning 1st class honours and received his Foundation and Advanced Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy from the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (ICHP).  His Coaching Diploma was earned through the MindStream Institute. He has been in practice in Lucan since 1998.

The ICHP is the forerunner in providing Hypnotherapy certification in Ireland and maintains an open and transparent profile. More information on the ICHP can be seen via its web site at: www.hypnosiseire.com.

Likewise, MindStream is recognised as a leader in the field of Coaching, and more information can be seen via its web site at: www.mindstream.ie

Ian engages in ongoing Post Graduate training with ICHP and participates in regular peer group forums to keep fully up to date with the latest mind technologies. He is also fully insured.

Prior to engaging in a full time practice in this field, Ian spent approximately 18 years working within the Irish Manufacturing / Technology sector.  Most of this time was spent at Management level, and involved all aspects of the various businesses including Recruitment, Personnel Development, Motivation, Health & Safety, Management of Change, Manufacturing and Business Development.

This has given Ian an extremely detailed insight into the pressures facing employees at all organisational levels, and thus allows him to deal more effectively and quickly with most symptoms in relation to Stress, Self-Esteem, Promotions, Goal Setting, Motivation etc.

Apart from his Therapy qualifications, Ian has a Diploma in Industrial Engineering and a Bsc. in Management from Trinity College Dublin.