Addiction Management

Affirmative Therapy has successfully intervened with clients consulting with addictions in one form or another. Obviously, the most common addictions are drugs and alcohol, but clients have also consulted with addiction to such substances as cough bottles and painkillers, and to such activities as gambling etc.

Without doubt, the management of Addictions will require the use of Analytical Therapy, and will take a number of sessions to resolve.

In all cases of addiction that ATCS has dealt with, the addiction has been shown to be a coping mechanism. Therefore, there is a root cause that needs to be found, dealt with and removed. Although, Suggestion Therapy etc. will be used as part of the treatment, it is necessary to remove the root cause – otherwise the client will either revert back to the original addiction or else develop a new one.

The approach of ATCS is that the clients are NOT their addiction. This is a critical distinction! A client is using an activity or a substance as a coping mechanism, but they are not that activity or that substance – they still have their own identity, separate from the addiction. Admittedly, the person’s identity can become tied into the addiction, but this is a belief and a belief that must be challenged from the outset!

The program will also necessarily include changing the overall beliefs that the client holds, as well as setting goals for their future and dealing with confidence issues.

The aim is that the client leads a perfectly normal life, and has a normal relationship with the substance or activity they were previously addicted to.