Anger Management

For the most part, anger management falls into the category where Analytical Therapy is the best path towards a total solution. In the initial stages Suggestion Therapy and NLP techniques would be employed to ease the anger symptoms.

Anger is an external expression of an internal feeling and time and time again has been found to relate to a fear based feeling. Although this may be initially hard to understand, the fact is that anger is used to hide a real or perceived fear and covers the fear by displaying a tough and “hard” exterior to the world.

It is important that the client understands that there is nothing to be lost after anger is left behind as their primary coping strategy. In fact, they will sense a real and tangible feeling of control and mastery in their life. They will understand that there is a time and place for anger to be used, namely in life threatening situations. Otherwise they will know that there are always more efficient strategies to use in those situations.

The aim of an anger management program is that the client feels totally in control and self-assured in situations where they previously had no other option but to use anger as a sole strategy.