Career Management

The most successful employee / employer relationships are those where the employee and the employer are in close alignment in terms of values, personality (culture) and aspirations.

Clients tend to consult with ATCS when they are in a position that they feel:

  • They are not being given the opportunities they deserve
  • They are unhappy with their job
  • They are feeling overloaded
  • They are not doing what they are most suited to but are not sure what it is that they should be doing
  • They have been awarded their “dream” job, but are still not fulfilled
  • They cannot seem to reach their full performance potential
  • They are experiencing a work / home life imbalance
  • …………

Although some elements of Solution Focused work and NLP would be indicated for use with these clients, the main approach would be Coaching.

Managing ones career to ensure the maximum in terms of reward, satisfaction, growth and advancement means exploring ones values, goals, motivations, skills and beliefs.

It means establishing what you are best at!

It means understanding and managing your own thinking and communication patterns, as well as those with whom you work!

It means possibly changing any of the above if it is found that they are creating obstacles to your potential and success.

It means setting real goals and achieving them – goals that are in total alignment with you, your skills, beliefs and values.

For this type of intervention a coaching relationship would be typically set up for an agreed period of time – this timeframe is set in line with the goals agreed. Essentially the Coach will work with the client through each step of the process until the goals are achieved, or until the client is in a position to complete the process him / herself.

The aim of working through a career management program is that the client feels a real sense of balance and fulfilment in their working life and finds themselves working to their maximum potential.