Confidence Management

Many clients consult with ATCS to deal with issues regarding their confidence. Their individual experiences or situations differ, but in all cases they have one thing in common – they cannot perform or succeed as they would like to as they feel that they do not have the confidence to do so.

Typical to such clients might be a lack of confidence in the following areas:

  • Public speaking or Presenting
  • Relationships / meeting new people
  • Career issues
  • Assertiveness
  • Workplace bullying
  • Goal achievement

What is also common in all such cases is that the client generalises that they have no confidence, and yet paradoxically they are totally confident about this belief!

So it is important that the client be made understand that there is no such thing as confidence per se – it is a total belief they currently hold that they cannot achieve the particular goal or activity that they would like to. So, rather then work with “confidence” we will work with beliefs.

Without doubt, the belief that the client holds will have been conditioned into their minds and reinforced as time passed – our aim is to understand where that conditioning began and change the beliefs.

This is achieved through a combination of Coaching, NLP, Suggestion Therapy and usually a small element of Analytical Therapy.

After working through a program the client will typically feel a sense of empowerment and assertiveness in situations where they would have previously felt unable to cope.