Fear and Phobia Management

It is useful to view fears and phobias in two ways.

The term “simple” Fear / Phobia is used to describe a person who leads an otherwise totally fear-free life, with the exception of one fear reaction to a specific stimulus i.e. Flying, Heights or Spiders. In most cases the cause of the fear is known i.e. being on an airplane during an exceptionally turbulent flight.

As a general rule, one two hour session is sufficient to realise a significant improvement in the reaction immediately. The treatment will include a mixture of Suggestion Therapy, Hypnosis and NLP.

Alternatively, a person who suffers from a wide range of fear inducing stimuli or situations would be deemed to suffer from a “complex” fear reaction model. The complex fear pattern would be categorised by the client reporting feeling nervous in many related situations i.e. in a crowd, in traffic, in a work meeting, meeting new people. In most cases, the reason why the fear is present is unknown.

The treatment here would necessarily be longer and would involve a course of Analytical Hypnotherapy, as it would be important to find and remove the root cause.