Pain Management

It is possible to help speed up healing from injury using the deep relaxed state of hypnosis. It has been shown in many clinical trials that hypnosis can facilitate an increase in the speed with which the human body can repair itself. This has been clinically demonstrated in such wide-ranging situations as Cancer and Burns.

Indeed there have been a number of recent articles outlining the increasing use of Hypnosis during surgical operations on a worldwide basis – a term has even been coined called Hypno-anaesthesia for this phenomena – as an alternative to the use of drugs. It is based upon the fact that like all reality, pain is actually “created” in the brain, in response to certain signals from the nervous system. That being the case, it stands to reason that the brains reaction to these signals can be modified, and the most effective non-medication means of facilitating this is through Hypnosis.

Obviously, the applications of this phenomena goes far beyond sports injuries, and expends to Childbirth, Cancer, Migraine and other painful conditions.

It has to be made clear that Affirmative Therapy would only use Hypnosis as a means of Pain Management when a full medical examination has been carried out, and it has been deemed safe to do so. Pain is the body’s natural response to damage and can be seen as a natural signal that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. For example, we would not deal with such complaints as Migraine before it is clear that there is no physical underlying causes first.