Smoking Cessation Program

The scientific data on the success of stop smoking programs is varied, but a study carried out by the British Medical Association found that Hypnotherapy is the most successful of all the known interventions, ahead of such methods as gum and patches.

Ian offers a comprehensive Stop Smoking program that has been shown to yield impressive results. The main bulk of clients who consult for Ian’s program are from referrals from those who have already successfully stopped smoking following his program.

Ian’s Stop Smoking program is outlined below:

  • A 2 hour session broken down as follows:
    1. 15 minutes discussing the clients relationship with smoking
    2. 15 minutes outlining the myths of smoking and the methods used to trap the smoker into the smoking cycle
    3. 30 of NLP and Psychological Motivational techniques
    4. 45 minutes of hypnotic Suggestion Therapy
    5. 15 minutes of wrap up and concluding work


  • A Stop Smoking CD is given to the client to listen to on a daily basis for the next 7 days. This CD will give the client the opportunity to experience ongoing hypnotic relaxation, stress relief and motivation.
  • A further 60 minute back-up session for the following purposes:
  1. To take a different approach for those who have what is known as an addictive personality. This is rare!
  2. To address future issues such as clients who for example went on holiday and struggled with remaining a non-smoker
  3. To help those who are facing some type of life stress and are thinking about smoking to cope