Stress Management / Workplace Pressure Program

What Ian does on a professional basis, indeed as a specialty, is to assist people to manage and eliminate stress from their lives.

After undergoing the program, clients typically report that they are feeling more energetic, more relaxed and more able to deal with the challenges in their lives. They also report that relationships at home and in work improve. Obviously, their GP’s will be the ones to advise on the improvement in the more physical symptoms such as High Blood Pressure.

It is being more and more acknowledged that Stress is a growing phenomenon in today’s busy environment, whether it is in the workplace, in the home or due to other factors such as financial pressures or health worries. Indeed, it is reported that stress related factors are the second biggest contributor to workplace absenteeism, after back pain.

As you will appreciate, the benefits of this are many as a Stress Management program can help reduce Anxiety, Depression, Short Temper, Anti-Social Behaviour as well as a range of physical symptoms including Tiredness, Headaches, High Blood Pressure and reduced Concentration Levels. Poor Sleep Patterns, Backache, excessive Smoking / Drinking etc. are also common stress related effects that can be aided via such interventions.

Over the past years Ian has worked with many clients from all walks of life to assist them to manage stress in their lives, often in conjunction with their GP. Indeed over the past year Stress / Workplace Pressure management has grown to constitute a major element of his work, to the extent that he is now specialising in the field.

Ian is also working with local community groups in the surrounding areas (woman’s groups, traveler groups, drug rehabilitation groups etc.) on Stress Management programs.

The methods that Ian uses are based on the work of such people as psychologist Joe Griffin, Prof. Ian Robertson & Prof. Robert Winston, and also include techniques from areas such as NLP, Counselling, Psycho / Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching. Ian also draws heavily from his 20 years experience in Management.

Stress Management programs fall under the bracket of Analytical Therapy – please refer to this section for more information.